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Kevin Melley, the founder of iNetRev, provides over 25 years of hotel experience in New York City, Palm Springs and San Diego, California as a Director of Sales & Marketing. It was in San Diego where he gained his edge in online Revenue Management as he became responsible for the online marketing of a 200-room resort hotel. It was during this time that he realized revenue, yield and online management were his passion, which he combined with the ability to develop strong relationships with the largest Internet travel sites. He quickly learned how to effectively manage these sources, providing the hotel substantially more Internet business, which indirectly created greater marketing and exposure for the hotel to countless consumers using these travel websites. In an ever increasingly competitive market, success with travel websites has become a do or die proposition. Hotels that can not be found on these sites or those that improperly manage this segment fall victim to their competitors who are successfully managing their online business.

After successfully building the Internet revenue at his hotel, it was clear to Kevin that he should start his own company, and iNetRev was born. The concept was simple; provide an avenue for hotels to gain the assistance of an experienced professional willing to provide the time and dedication required to maximize their online business without incurring the overwhelming expenses of a full time employee. Since creating iNetRev, Kevin has successfully built a client base of hotels of various sizes, brands, and service levels in locations throughout the Western United States.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Internet Consulting
Rate and Inventory Management
Maximize Business through your Hotel's Website
Maintain Rate Parity
Website Design and Optimization
Experience that Counts in Dollars and Sense
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