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Website Design and Optimization-

In order to capture the most online business, the information about your hotel not only needs to be accurate, it needs to sell to your specific clientele. INETREV will act on behalf of hotel to ensure your listings on website partners best capture the feel of your hotel as well as maintain up to date and accurate information on

Hotel Amenities (i.e. restaurants, fitness room, parking, etc.)
Room Amenities (i.e. coffee makers, internet access, refrigerators, etc.)
Photos of hotel and guest rooms
Cancellation and check in policies and procedures
Location, directions and transportation options
Nearby attractions and businesses


Our services include but are not limited to:

Internet Consulting
Rate and Inventory Management
Maximize Business through your Hotel's Website
Maintain Rate Parity
Website Design and Optimization
Experience that Counts in Dollars and Sense
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